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What Chosen Offers You, Your Company, and Your Employees

Standing Meeting

Employee Standards

Every business needs Standard Operating Procedures and Employee Training with a Handbook and Chosen will help you with this.

Chosen's 3 or 5 days of Employee Observation, will assist you in the development of your SOP, where all your employees are trained to your direct specifications.  Through the Observation Report and your input, your Employee Handbook and Training regimen will be solidified.

Modern Work Space

What Can Chosen Do For You?

Specializing in helping new business owners visualize their message and create their mission statement.  Taking a creative and personal strategic approach focused with your ideas.

Get started with a free 30-minute consultation for your business to understand what Chosen Transformations can do for you!

Casual Business Meeting

Team Bonding and Retreats

Need to revitalize your team and get them back on track?  Chosen has Team Training Retreats that will do just that!

Learning how to connect and work within the team concept is really important when running your business.  Your employees need to team building to maintain cohesiveness throughout your business and how to handle co-workers disputes and disagreements.  

Chosen trains your employees to work diligently in a harmonious environment.